Current cultural and political commentary

"I Am Not White." New Oxford Review (November 2018).

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"Is Thomas Woods a Dissenter? A Further Reply." originally published at The Chronicles Magazine (2009); now provided as word document.

"How I Didn't Become a Conservative." originally published at The Chesterbelloc Mandate (July 17, 2008); reprinted at The Distributist Review (December 7, 2015).

"What is Socialism?" The Chesterbelloc Mandate (April 16, 2008).

"Iraq: Exit with Honor?"  Previously published on the internet (December 2006).

"The Political Temptation."  Previously published on the internet (December 2006).

"Chrétienté ou Occident?"  L'Homme Nouveau no. 1385 (November 25, 2006).

"A Proposal for Europe." Previously published on the internet (September 2006).

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