Welcome to a site that is dedicated to Catholic Social Teaching in its full breadth and depth.

This website's proximate purpose is to make available to a wider public the luminous and multifaceted writings of Thomas Storck, well-known exponent of Catholic Social Teaching. It will feature, over time, not only Storck's seminal writings on society and culture, economics and politics, but also his essays on a wide array of other topicsScripture, apologetics, liturgy, art, philosophy. 

Whenever possible, the archives offer publication data and scans of the articles in the exact form in which they were published, allowing for accurate citations. The site is administered, with Thomas Storck’s permission, by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, formerly Professor at Wyoming Catholic College. Please report any technical questions or errors to professorkwasniewski(at)gmail(dot)com.  Dr. Kwasniewski would also be interested to hear if you are pursuing a project with the help of Storck's writings, or to receive feedback about how this website has been of service to you.

This site's ultimate purpose is to advance the social reign of Christ the King by promoting a profound understanding of Catholic Truth in its historical embodiments and timeless splendor.

Update (8/29/17): Mr. Storck has graciously offered us a three-page "Guide" to his work and its main themes, including recommendations of where to begin reading, with live links to essays at this site. It is highly recommended!

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